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Sagawa Manufacturing, Inc.

2-1-13 Minami-machi, Kawaguchi,
Saitama 332-0026, Japan


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Thank you for visiting SAGAWA Manufacturing's Home Page.
SAGAWA Manufacturing (SAGAWA Seisakujo) was established as a machine-processing firm in 1965. Later it became a special maker of JIS standard testing machines based on its precision processing technology and has contributed to the paper pulp and chemical industry.
As an advanced factory, we are constantly striving to understand the value of our customer's demands by improving our technology and developing new products.
We appreciate your further support and friendship.

Director and President
Hirobumi Sagawa

Corporate outline
Corporate Name Sagawa Manufacturing, Inc.
(Yugen Gaisha Sagawa Seisakusho)
Director and President Hirobumi Sagawa
Founded 1965
Capital Stock 3,000,000 yen
Location 2-1-13 Minami-machi, Kawaguchi, Saitama 332-0026, Japan
TEL +81-48-250-3711
FAX +81-48-250-3712
Products and Services Design & Manufacture of various JIS, ISO testing machines
Development of Test Jigs and Devices
Planning & Manafacturing of Personal Computer Instrumentated apparatus.
Product Samples Horizontal Testing Machine
Vertical Testing Machine
Friction Coefficient Testing Machine
Basis Weight Profile Measuring Machine
Elasticity Rate Measuring Machine
Air Permeability Testing Machine
Folding Endurance Testing Machine
Ring Crush Testing Machine
Heat Seal Testing Machine
Bank References UFJ Bank Ltd., Shimura-Sakaue Branch,
The Sugamo Shinkin Bank, Shimura Branch

History of Sagawa Manufacturing Inc.
1965, Sep
Built a factory at Maeno-Cho, Itabashi, Tokyo. Started processing, designing and manufacturing of metal.

1979, March
Incorporated a firm and expanded a plant. Generally produced JIS Standard Testing Machines of Paper Pulp for OEM supply and sold them directly to other firms.

1998, Aug
Built a factory at Minami-machi, Kawaguchi, Saitama. Improved efficiency of manufacturing and assembly. Expanded the development of ISO Standard Testing Machines and various apparatus.

2002, Aug
Opened a Home Page. Widely receiving contracts for the designing and manufacturing of original machines meeting our valued clients' demands in our advanced factory.

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