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Automatic Friction Coefficient Testing Machine

Automatic Friction Coefficient Testing Machine adapted to ISO 15359 and is composed of a main body and a personal computer instrumentated apparatus
Installation of samples is more convenient by utilizing weight with clamp mechanisms
Automatic measurement will eliminate individual errors. It is highly reproducible.

Outcomes of Measurement

Method of Measurement Vertical Method
Curve mass 800}5g
Curve touching area 6060}0.3mm
Curve set Automatically rising and lowering
Length of slide 70mm
Test speed dynamic frictionF20mm/siISO Standard)
Static frictionF0.2mm/s
Packing material 2mm Form rubber (on table side)
Indication of friction coefficient static friction coefficient, and dynamic friction coefficient
iOutcomes of three measurements)
Power supply 100V,1A
Size 490x390x200mm
Weight 19kgiTesting machine)
System component Testing machine, Personal computer, Printer
Other tilt-testing machines adapted to JIS standard.

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