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This is an all-around tester laden with 8-bit microcomputer in response to various tests in the quality control and the products development.This tester is of bench type,the operativity having been pursued. In the drive section,ballscrew and linear guide mechanism are used to guarantee the rigidity and high accuracy and, in the measurement section,small-sized high-output type load cell is employed to realize high perfformance.

Extensive various tests can be performed easily by the use of plentiful supporting softwares combined with microcomputer control system.The measurement results are displayed digitally and accurately and printed aut as data-processed numerical values (numerical order, average value, etc.).Moreover,by connecting to external personal computer, the statistical management of test results can be made easily.

Measurement item
Tensile strength


percentage of elongation

Air chuck system
This is a grip of semi-fixed mechanism allowing easy setting of sample and preventing chuck from breaking.Width of chuck: 30mm, solenoid valve mode
Control mode Microcomputer control
Measurement item Tensile strength, 'elongation, percentage of elongation,
Function Digital display, printer equipment, autoreturn function and data-processing function
Measurement range 1g`50.0kg
Capacity of load cell
For 1 kgf (0.001-1)
For 20 kgf (0.02-20)
For 50 kgf (0.05-50)
p Accuracy:}0.2%}1digit
Accuracy of elongation 0.1mm, Stroke 330mm
Testing speed 5-500mm/min: variable by 1mm
Size 480x350x810(H)mm@43kg
Power source AC100V, 30W
Option Air chuck, remote-control recorder, compressor,Various softwares (release, friction, compression,etc.) and Exclusive attachments (90"release, z-release, slide test, etc.)

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